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When the Lions Came to Town When the Lions Came to Town
By: Luke Alfred
Release Date: September 2014

The early 1970s in South Africa were a time of economic boom, political repression, growing isolation and an unshakeable confi dence that the Springboks were the best rugby team in the world – u ...


Richard Peirce Richard Peirce
Richard Peirce is best known as a shark conservationist – his main focus for over 20 years. Chairman of the Shark Conservation Society and the Shark Trust, he has authored several books on the topic. Richard and his wife Jacqui are confirmed nomads who spend half the year in South Africa; their love of wildlife takes them to the bush at every opportunity. Part of the proceeds of sales of this book will go to the South African Veterinary Association (SAVA).



Esther's House Esther's House
By: Carol Campbell
Release Date: October 2014

Esther Gelderblom has been waiting for a house for twenty years. In the bitter Oudtshoorn winter she and her friend Katjie queue to ask when their names will finally appear on the government’s list of housing recipients. Esther dreams of a home for her daughter Liedjie, who plays the keyboard for the Bless Me Jesus church, and for her husband, Neville, who will then get his life in order.

But corruption is rife as housing officials manipulate the list for favours. When Katjie’s shack burns down, the two women take matters into their own hands, occupying two empty houses and setting in motion events that will compromise everything they hold dear.

Esther ...


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